Pop-up Exhibit, Sale and Benefit for 350.org

TWO-N Pop-Up
Exhibit, Sale and Benefit

Support local artists
Get some holiday gifts that support a sustainable New York (and planet)
And celebrate!

Featuring works by: 
Gideon Kendall, David Miller, Julie Peppito, Steve Schaum & Hermann Zschiegner 

Opening December 9th from 4 - 10pm
Closing December 16th from 12 – 6pm

(Open by appointment Dec. 10 & 17)

Work will be available in a variety of price ranges and a percentage of the proceeds will go to 350. org. 

We would especially like to highlight 350. org's campaign to help NYC divest it's pension funds from the fossil fuel industry. 

TWO-N Inc is located at: 
167 Canal, 2nd Floor (between Mott & Elizabeth)
NYC, 10013
(N,Q,R,W, 6 trains to Bway & Canal, F to East Bway).     

Update on Actions

It's taken me a while to get the action segment of my website updated. I've been trying to balance family, protesting, actions, working, art making and paying attention to the 24/7 news cycle so my website updates have suffered a bit. I haven't posted every action I've made art for or attended, and it's not all in order but at least here's a bit of documentation.  Also, I've added in a work in progress. I've been making large scale charcoal drawings of players in the current administration and my response to them. 

Detail of: Hi! I'm Scott Pruitt. I sued the EPA and now I am running it. Don't worry about poisoned water, I've found a way to drink money.

This is a work in progress about the person appointed by Trump to protect the environment of The United States. He has sued the EPA multiple times and now as head of The Environmental Protection Agency has tried to repeal protections of our water and air. And of course he is a climate change denier. He has a history of being backed by oil / gas and agro interests. I have a personal connection to him because he was Attorney General of Oklahoma, the state I grew up in. In this detail greed demons sprout from Pruitt's head and hand as an angel attempts to help rid him of his affliction. 


Field of Flowers & Sign Making for People's Climate March

Come to The Old Stone House this Saturday, April 23rd from 11am to 1pm and contruct simple cardboard flowers for both advanced and beginner makers. The process is broken down into four steps. The stations will be: 
1) cutting cardboard into flat pieces
2) tracing and cutting petals and centers onto cardboard, then cutting them out.
3) hot glueing petals to centers
4) painting

Please bring: cardboard, box cutters, self healing mats, glue guns / glue gun sticks, and colorful acrylic paint if you have it. There will be some provided but because we don't know the number of participants, the more supplies the better. Thanks!

I have been working with #GetOrganizedBK in the Arts & Activism group. 
Theresa Hong, Marie Wagner, & Lilly Handley from the same group created this DIY video for the Field of Flowers. If you can't come to the workshop maybe you can make your own at home. Please share. 


They also created one for a March of The Penguins: 

Make Art for Marches, Protests & Rallies

I have been making a lot of art for protests, marches and rallies since Trump was elected, so I thought I'd share some of my ideas with you. My hope is that marches will become so visually vibrant they will be impossible for the media to ignore. Signs are great but it's much more exciting to see an organized effort to make collective works of art. 

I hope for this blog to be a resource for ideas and step-by-step instructions to inspire and demystify more collective art making for both seasoned and beginner artists and activists.  

I have been working with an Arts & Activism collective that is part of GOBK (#getorganizedbk) a volunteer group of more than 6000 members that rose up in response to the election of Donald Trump. I designed this flower to be made out of easy to find materials, as sustainably as possible, so people from anywhere can make their own version. Lilly Handley, Marie Wagner, & Theresa Hong, from the collective made this DIY video. It's amazing what can happen when a group of strangers come together for common cause. I hope you will share it widely so flowers can march for the planet in every state, city and town. Another amazing DIY video came out of the group as well. If you would like to make an origami penguin to be part of a March of the Penguins for the upcoming marches follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-my9JNZarCY