Field of Flowers & Sign Making for People's Climate March

Come to The Old Stone House this Saturday, April 23rd from 11am to 1pm and contruct simple cardboard flowers for both advanced and beginner makers. The process is broken down into four steps. The stations will be: 
1) cutting cardboard into flat pieces
2) tracing and cutting petals and centers onto cardboard, then cutting them out.
3) hot glueing petals to centers
4) painting

Please bring: cardboard, box cutters, self healing mats, glue guns / glue gun sticks, and colorful acrylic paint if you have it. There will be some provided but because we don't know the number of participants, the more supplies the better. Thanks!

I have been working with #GetOrganizedBK in the Arts & Activism group. 
Theresa Hong, Marie Wagner, & Lilly Handley from the same group created this DIY video for the Field of Flowers. If you can't come to the workshop maybe you can make your own at home. Please share. 

They also created one for a March of The Penguins: