"In Her Hands" opens June 14th! Here's a little bit about how the show came about...

Like just about everyone I know I was galvanized by the 2016 elections to change the upside down scary world that Trump being in the White House symbolized. And like most people I know I looked to the skills that are in my wheel house to make change happen. I made art for the #WomensMarch, #ClimateMarch, #ScienceMarch, #TaxMarch, #TrumpcareDieIns, #DreamersMarch and more working with grassroots arts and activism groups #WeMakeAmerica, #GetOrganizedBK and #RiseAndResist. But, as protest fatigue set in and I became more panicked about the upcoming elections, I was searching for other ways to make an impact. 

Then I met Orly Cogan at the 2017 #Yes!Gala at the #SacklerCenterForFeministArt at #TheBrooklynMuseum. We realized we were both at #TheCooperUnion at the same time, we are making related work, we both had kids that are close in age and we understood each other. She visited my studio and we came up with the idea for #InHerHands to focus on #womenartists working within the tradition of #WomensWork and a way to help cut through the noise of the Trump show, the onslaught of scandal and tragedy, clickbait and the crowded field of candidates running in the #2018elections by asking those artists to make portraits of #ProgressiveWomenCandidates. Orly and I have included ourselves in the exhibit along with 13 extremely skilled, courageous and generous artists who were tasked with an incredibly tight timeline and an invasions into their processes. 

"In Her Hands" will open June 14th, 6-8pm  #RobertMannGallery in NYC and features work by #AliceBeasley, #OrlyCogan, #LaurelGarciaColvin, #MariaDeLosAngeles, #JaneWaggoner Deschner, #SusanGraham, #KateKretz, #JessLarson, #DianeMeyer, #MarilynArtus, #JuliePeppito, #LeisaRich, #AliciaRoss, #RebeccaSiemering, #MelissaZexter.

Last week I met #MauraReilly at a book signing for #CuratorialActivism she was giving at the #KentlerInternationalDrawingSpace. I realized: 1. That "In Her Hands" is "curatorial activism"  and 2. Maybe my feeling of running in place for 30 years has something to do with me being a woman in the art world, but there is no way of knowing. 

December 9th, 4-10pm, Chinatown : Two-N Inc Pop Up Exhibit, Sale and Benefit

TWO-N Pop-Up
Exhibit, Sale and Benefit

Support local artists
Get some holiday gifts that support a sustainable New York (and planet)
And celebrate!

Featuring works by: 
Gideon Kendall, David Miller, Julie Peppito, Steve Schaum & Hermann Zschiegner 

Opening December 9th from 4 - 10pm
Closing December 16th from 12 – 6pm

(Open by appointment Dec. 10 & 17)

Work will be available in a variety of price ranges and a percentage of the proceeds will go to 350. org. 

We would especially like to highlight 350. org's campaign to help NYC divest it's pension funds from the fossil fuel industry. 

TWO-N Inc is located at: 
167 Canal, 2nd Floor (between Mott & Elizabeth)
NYC, 10013
(N,Q,R,W, 6 trains to Bway & Canal, F to East Bway).     

Flower Art Build for The Science and Climate Marches

I will be hosting two art builds to create a field of flowers for the upcoming marches. 


Flower Build One: 

Thursday, April 22, 7-10pm, Kensington, Brooklyn. Email me for address: juliepeppito@gmail.com

Flower Build Two: 

Sunday, April 23, 11am-1pm, Old Stone House, Brooklyn. 


The Old Stone House
336 3rd Street
PO Box 150613
Brooklyn, NY 11215


Transformers: Re-contextualizing Our Material Culture

I'm so happy to be part of this exhibit at Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts  in Melbourne Florida. It s my first museum show. 

September 17 - December 17, 2016

Contemporary artists Jodie Mack, Garry Noland, Julie Peppito and Gerry Trilling regard material culture as raw material. They use it to create artwork of a high order, informed by its fraught, untidy, intimate origins - paintings, sculptures, films, and tapestries in which the ordinary stuff of our lives becomes splendid and strange.

This exhibition is curated by contemporary artist China Marks and presented in conjunction with Radiant Messenger: Drawings by China Marks on view at the Foosaner Art Museum (October 22, 2016 – January 8, 2017).


1. I have a drawing in the Kentler International Drawing Space Benefit:

The event is May 16th at their space in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Visit their website to purchase tickets to the event. Or you can stop by any time before the 18th to view the exhibit. 



2. I have been applying for several public art calls over the past couple of months:

Austin Art in Public Places Pre-Qualified Artist Pool 1-30-15

Kaiser Foundation Fellowship, Tulsa, Oklahoma  1-30-15

Gowanus, Brooklyn, Call for Public Art Proposals  3-2-15  

Clare Weiss Fellowship, site proposals for Court Square,  Long Island City, NY  3-22-15  

*See attached images for the Clare Weiss proposal in Long Island City.

*Clare Weiss Description:  I will paint a close up version of the rezoning map showing Court Square. Mosaic halves of heads sitting on the map like small hills, their eyes just above the surface, their heads embedded with bumps and pieces of debris will be placed all over the map - each head looking away from the others the way we have been conditioned to do as New Yorkers.