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August Artcamp Studio (Aug 26-30)


Fiber Bead & Sculpted Creature Workshop (Wed. Sept 4)

Sign Making Workshop (Saturday, Sept 14)

AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAM (Begins Wed. Sept. 11th)

1. Afterschool Studio Art Program (ASAP) (Wednesdays / Fall 2019)

2. Afterschool Studio Art Program (ASAP) (Wednesdays / Winter 2020)

3. Afterschool Studio Art Program (ASAP) (Wednesdays / Spring 2020)

August Artcamp Studio description of projects:

Fiber Beads and Jewelry Making

We will sew fabric tubes then layer beads, cords, and threads to make otherworldly everlasting gobstopper-type beads out of other smaller beads. ( Some familiarity with sewing is helpful but not required.) If time allows we will make necklaces and other jewelry out of the beads. 

Signs, Symbols, Creatures and Giant Eyes 

We will use reference materials to inspire drawings of fantastical creatures, learn about scaling a small drawing to a large cardboard cut-out and transform it with paint. We will do the same thing with funky eye drawings. I will discuss how these techniques are easily translated to making signs and art for protest if there is interest.

Op Art-o-rama  and Weaving Color (Pattern, Line, Shading and Color)

We will use repetition, intersecting line and shape to create wavy and geometric patterns, then shade each shape in similar ways to create rounded forms that recede in places and protrude in others. We will look at the work of MC Escher, Kandinsky and Victor Vasarely for inspiration. We may also make woven paper, ribbon and photo pieces if time allows. 

Animals in Discovered Habitats & Exhibit  (Photography, Installation & Composition) 

Participants will get to choose small plastic animals, use them as they are or transform them then find settings around my studio to place them in and photograph them.  Then we will print them and go through other work created that week to decide which pieces we will hang for a last day exhibit. 

Museum-o-rama  (not yet confirmed)

We will visit The Brooklyn Museum and each artist will pick three pieces to draw, then they will each create new pieces based on a combination of the three they chose. We will discuss composition, line, shape, foreground and background, and talk about inspiration and appropriation. Participants can either meet us at the museum or come to my studio and leave from here. 

Cost:  $600 (5 days of camp) + $50 (supplies) = $650

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